The rear axle of the VW Touareg falls during the night

This problem may have several causes. If the mileage of the car is more than 400,000 kilometers, then most likely the is failure in the air suspension- there is a leak inside. Although the air suspension at the VW Touareg can fully work up to 600,000 kilometers. But most often there are problems with the connection of the fastening support «hat» with the air suspension balloon itself — air leaks appear in 80% – 90% of cases.

In this situation, it is necessary to remove and disassemble the cylinder, clean the seating surfaces, replace the gasket and to seal. Since the surfaces are made of aluminum, they oxidize over period of time, so it is necessary to clean and replace the gasket.

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Air loss under the choke of the air suspension on VW Touareg

The front valves of back pressure (gearboxes) rot and start to lose an air. It must be replaced or try to clean. First, air suspension line (tube) is removed, the valve around is cleared of oxides. Then the tube is installed again and checked for leaks. If after cleaning the valve does not break, and the system doesn’t lose air, then all is well. Otherwise, the valve needs to be replaced.

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How much nitrogen is in the VW Touareg receiver?

Usually, 12.5 atmospheres of air or nitrogen are pumped into the system, depending on how the sensor is configured in the car. In the old models of the VW Touareg, nitrogen is not pumped, their air suspension system is not designed to use nitrogen. But in the new VW TouaregNF models from 2010, nitrogen is pumped in, as it is provided by the plant. It is pumped according to the standard value of pressure in the air suspension system – an average of 12.5 atm (12-13 atm).

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VW Touareg air suspension does not rise after compressor repair

Perhaps the compressor was badly repaired. It is necessary to check whether it injects the necessary pressure. Also need to check the correctness of the connections. For example, they could simply forgot to connect the pneumoline, going from the cylinder to the swap wheels. When dismantling the compressor, they disconnect it. After installing the compressor in place, they could forget to connect them and all the air comes out of the system.

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Do I need to maintain air suspension on the VW Touareg?

It is necessary to maintain the air suspension compressor. The dryer must be changed once a year, the compressor relay must be changed every four years. If the gearboxes on the air suspension are not strongly oxidized, then you can periodically flush them from dirt, especially the front ones, as they stand at an angle, and there is a niche in which dirt accumulates. Over time, gearboxes start to rot. If you regularly wash them from dirt, the gearboxes will last longer.

The reducer (choke) is located on the top of air suspension, where the pneumoline is connected. If you have never washed it before, it’s most likely has been oxidized there, and now it’s better not to rinse, but to drive until it falls off. Because if the gearbox has already rotted, moldy, and all dirt will be washed, it can immediately fall off. After replacement, you need to periodically wash it.

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