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Warranty Conditions

For each spare part that we have repaired, we provide a guarantee of up to 36 months* with no mileage limit from the moment of repair, or the date of purchase of an already restored air suspension or air spring.

We strongly recommend that the dismantling / installation service of our repaired parts would be in our recommended auto services, because proper installation is equally important step as the repair of a air suspension or air spring.


Tighten / unscrew the pressure reducing valve / fitting for air supply.


Roll out the rubber on air suspension / air spring in a non-working position, unrolled.


Independently open the details.

For any of the actions mentioned above, the warranty is fully voided and the customer fully takes the warranty responsibility.

Non-warranty cases also include:
– Car accident, as a result of which the spare part failed or was damaged;
– Punctures and cuts on rubber;
– Poor transportation by third parties (courier services, inner / international bus services), in which case the spare part is out of order or damaged;

If you suspect that a spare part has a manufacturing defect or it does not function correctly, then for applying for a warranty you will need to provide information for preliminary examination:
– Photo of installed air suspension / air spring on automobile;
– Photo of warranty card;
– Detailed description of what happened and why it seems to you that the part is not functioning correctly;

Important! In the case of a warranty, the consumer independently provides transportation of the part for replacement / repair to AirAutoGroup. Warranty repair does not include: Installation / dismantling of failed parts, transportation of the car to the place of repair (evacuator, trailer services etc.), as well as payment of services of third parties (service station, independent expertise etc).

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