About Air Auto Group

Our mission is to make comfort of Air Suspension System affordable with the highest quality possible and to break the stereotype that Air Suspension system is very expensive.

As AirAutoGroup we offer our clients Air Suspension diagnostic, consulting and repair services. Repair technology development since 2007 and still growing, expanding car models we work with, such as – Tesla, Rolls-Royce, BMW, AUDI, Mercedes-Benz, Maybach etc.

You can find our recommended service stations here.

We are always looking for new partners in many areas. To become our partner, please fill out the form and we will contact you.

! Remember ! We are cooperating with qualified automotive service stations, who can make all the necessary actions, because proper installation is as important as repair process itself.

Company name: AIR AUTO GROUP SIA

Registration number: 43603048235

VAT number: LV43603048235

Address: Zemgaļu street 50, Code, Codes par., Bauskas county, LV-3910

Bank account number: LV69HABA0551031135969

Office e-mail: info@airautogroup.com

E-mail for invoices: fin@airautogroup.com

You can contact us via:

contact form;

– email: info@airautogroup.com

Orders: 9 am – 6 pm

Service station: 8:30 am – 6:30 pm


Mostly all popular products we have in-stock, except if for any reason we are out of stock or Your required model product needs to be repaired, then:

  • 3–12 business hours for Air Spring (depends on the car model)
  • 12–36 business hours for Shock Absorber (depends on the car model)
  • 12–36 business hours for Air Suspension (depends on the difficulty)
  • 6–18 business hours for Air Suspension Compressor (depends on the car model)

! This is calculated WITHOUT logistics delivery time !

You can send parts to our storages in any country or:

You can send parts to our manufactory directly via couriers like DPD, CargoBus, VeniPak.

FREE SHIPPING: Orders with 300+ euro value.

Our shipping address: AIR AUTO GROUP SIA; Zemgaļu iela 50, Code, Latvija, LV-3910


  • Bauskas Pionieru ielas RIMI pakomāts, Pionieru iela 2, Bauska
  • Bauskas Upmalas ielas TOP pakomāts, Upmalas iela 1, Bauska
  • Bauskas Zaļās ielas Mini RIMI pakomāts, Zaļā iela 3, Bauska

AIR AUTO GROUP SIA +371 20110055

Depends on Your location and the courier You selected.

Contact us for more information.

All shipping costs associated with any order, return or exchange will be the responsibility of the customer.


All product prices and repair costs are available at our shop.

If You do not find Your car model or interested product, contact us for more information.

Shop prices are ex-works Latvia and costs for certain regions can differ, because of logistics and storage costs. For more information, contact us.

Yes, we have 30 day money back warranty policy, meaning, if You are not satisfied with our product, You send us back the product and after receiving it, we will send You back Your funds. For refund applying please fill out this form and we will contact you.

Front/Rear: 30 – 70 euros

30 – 50 euros

It is possible to buy a priority (be in front of line) – 30 euros per product.

Air Spring replacement on an existing Shock Absorber – 30 euros per product

Shock Absorber replacement on an existing Air Spring – 30 euros per product.


Yes, we do give quality warranty:

  • Air Springs: 12-36 months
  • Shock Absorber (hydraulic part only): 12 months
  • Air Suspension Strut: 12-36 months Air spring; 12 months Shock Absorber (hydraulic part only);
  • Air Suspension Compressor: 12 months (only mechanical part);

For that you will need AirAutoGroup warranty ticket. Please, fill this form and we will contact you.


Yes, we need your old part. Mostly all popular products we have in-stock and you can buy those without sending us your old part with extra fee.

If you have more old parts (cores), we can buy them from you. For more information, contact us.

You always can seek some answers in our blog section. If you do not find your problem there, please, contact us.

If you cannot separate Air Spring (bag) from Shock Absorber (hydraulic) by Yourself, You can ship the whole Air Suspension to us and we will make the disassembly / reassembly process without any extra fees.

For more information, contact us.


1) Enter shop;

2) Find Your necessery product / part ;

3) Fill all the necessery fields on Your order ;

4) Make the payment;

5) We will contact You for further details.

CONTACT US: Please, send us your order via contact us form and we will contact you.

You can see our products in our gallery.