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The danger of using «Antiprocol» for the repair of Audi A6C5 air suspension

The only thing that can be recommended in the case when the rear air suspension lose air – do not pour «Antiprocol» into them, because it can get into the valve block of the pneumatic system, which is installed behind the car.

The air through the valve block enters the air suspension when the suspension is raised (air is forced), and when lowering, the air from the suspension leaves the system through the valve block. In AudiAllroad cars, air inlet in the rear air suspension is located at the bottom. If the «Antiprocol» got into the air suspension, then when the suspension is lowered, it falls into the air suspension line, and through them into the valve block. This causes the valve block to fail.

The problem is solved by replacing the valve block either with a new one or with a used one. Price when replacing with the used valve block is approximately 100 dollars. New one – around 250 dollars. Of course, it is always recommended to buy a new one, because duration of his work will be longer. But it is worth considering that the smallest oil hit in the valve block or the same «Antiprocol» issue, can cause it to fail.

Antiprokol is generally used for quick repair of the tire. It is a jellylike substance that fills all the microcracks in both the tire and the air suspension, which is always in a liquid state. If there is any air leakage, «Antiprocol» eliminates it.

Oil can also get into the valve block, which can damage it. This happens when the shock absorbers leak.

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