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Repair of front air shock absorbers Audi Allroad A6

Modern drivers know, that the presence of air suspension in the car makes the “steel horse” smooth and more comfortable. Air suspension is not anymore an exclusive element of the car, it is easy to control and it has impressive durability. You ask: “Then why does such a reliable air suspension need to be repaired?”

Unfortunately, because of the quality of Baltic roads, car owners are forced to run diagnostics as often as possible. Climatic conditions and chemical active reagents on our roads contribute to the rapid wear out of the air suspension and individual suspension elements fail much earlier than the period declared by the manufacturer.

Often in Audi Allroad, air suspension breaks down. Each car owner, with an attention to certain moments during the usage of the car, can determine the condition of the air suspension of Audi Alroad and assess the need for repair:

  • the rear air suspension descends when the engine has stopped;
  • you may notice how the front or rear of the car is lifted when the engine starts;
  • there is a tilt of the car on one of the spring;
  • the ground clearance is floating;
  • there is no way to make a maintenance because car cannot be set on the service mode.

It is worth to know that the most common problem leading to the repair of air suspension in Audi Allroad, is the leakage of air through various connecting elements, for example, due to the wear out of the rings of the air suspension compressor.

Also, we pay attention of Audi Alroad owners with air suspension to the fact that air springs break down the most. Repair of Audi suspension is needed if:

  • the air hose was worn out;
  • the front suspension has a leakage;
  • Spring start to “knock”.

If you were able to detect such problems in your Audi Allroad – select the nearest service on the map and contact us immediately!

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