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Do I need to maintain air suspension on the VW Touareg?

It is necessary to maintain the air suspension compressor. The dryer must be changed once a year, the compressor relay must be changed every four years. If the gearboxes on the air suspension are not strongly oxidized, then you can periodically flush them from dirt, especially the front ones, as they stand at an angle, and there is a niche in which dirt accumulates. Over time, gearboxes start to rot. If you regularly wash them from dirt, the gearboxes will last longer.

The reducer (choke) is located on the top of air suspension, where the pneumoline is connected. If you have never washed it before, it’s most likely has been oxidized there, and now it’s better not to rinse, but to drive until it falls off. Because if the gearbox has already rotted, moldy, and all dirt will be washed, it can immediately fall off. After replacement, you need to periodically wash it.

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