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Audi Q7: diagnostics and repair of air suspension

The German auto concern Audi once produced an almost perfect model of the car – Audi Q7, which are in the class of increased comfort. The car has an increased base, which is why the demand for Q7 has increased in recent years. A highlight of this car is its air suspension, which allows to change the ground clearance from 150 to 240 mm. Thanks to the air suspension, the aerodynamics of the car has improved, creating a comfortable ride for the driver and passengers of the car, regardless of the quality of the roadway.

However, the air suspension of the Audi Q7 has a weak point – poor protection of the valves of the suspension from reagents and aggressive influences, especially in the winter. It is the valves that are most unstable to saline and anti-ice formulations, so they are the ones that most often fail. If this problem is not addressed in a timely manner, it may be necessary to repair the shock absorbers, or perhaps even replace the air suspension compressor, which will hit the wallet very hard. Therefore, it is necessary to repair or replace worn out components immediately, without waiting for even greater problems.

Sometimes car owners need to perform calibration work on the air suspension Audi Q7. This operation is performed when replacing the body position sensors, sometimes the air suspension and compressor. Calibration of air suspension must be performed only by experienced craftsmen.

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