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Air suspension Audi A6 (4G, C7) Allroad

Air Suspension Audi A6 (4G, СC7) Allroad is a high-tech system that takes on all the loads of the roadway. And since the main working element is compressed air, the system needs complete tightness of all components and connections. However, any system, even the most reliable and modern, has a limited resource, and therefore it is periodically recommended to make diagnostics and, if necessary, repair the Audi A6 Allroad air suspension.

If at least one element fails in this complex system, the air suspension starts to function incorrectly, which is dangerous not only for the car, but also for the driver and passengers. If this happens, the air suspension will not be able to level out the vibrations transmitted to the body during the movement, which will significantly worsen the handling of the car.

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