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Essential tips for owners of air suspension vehicles while driving. What can happen with the air suspension on the road, and how to act in such situations?

During the long trip, the car completely fell on the bump stops from all sides. The driver slowly drove by himself to the nearest service station. Diagnostics revealed that the height sensor had failed. Water got into the sensor, so it gave out incorrect signals, the «brains» saw this problem and lowered the air suspension and switched it to emergency mode.

Replacement of sensor has solved this problem. If a similar situation happens while driving, either slowly continue to drive on the bump stops to the service station or call a tow truck. For example, the Audi Q7, Porsche Cayenne and Volkswagen Touareg air suspensions are high, so even when the car lies on the bump stops, the wheels do not reach the arches. The ride will be tough, like on a cart, but possible.

In the case, with a Mercedes W220 car, it is better to use a tow truck, because at the slightest turn of the steering wheel, the wheels will cling to the arch. You can go on a straight road, but the steering wheel can be turned to a small angle. In this case, it is suggested to turn off the compressor. This can be done by switching the air suspension to the jack mode or disabling the relay/compressor fuse, but everything will depend on the specific vehicle.

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