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How to determine if you need to repair air suspension on your Mercedes GL W164?

If your Mercedes GL W164 sags on one of the wheels, and when starting the engine and air suspension compressor from the side of the wheel,with rack lowered, and a whistling sound is heard, then this is a sure sign of the failure of the air suspension cushion, and your car needs an urgent repair of the suspension.

The air suspension on some Mercedes models may differ from the usual suspension (which uses gas or oil shock absorbers or springs) by the ability to adjust the ground clearance, increased comfort, reduced roll of the car during turning around, which improves the controllability of the car.

Some modifications have the ability to change the stiffness of the air suspension (ADS system) directly from the vehicle cabin by pressing one key. Shock absorbers with the ADS system  often break. As a rule, this is followed by increased swing of the car and knock in the area of ​​air suspension racks.

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