Audi A8 (D3 / 4E) 2002-2010 Rear Air Spring

Air Spring

Brand: Audi
Model: A8 (D3 / 4E) 2002-2009

Options: Left or Right

Set: air spring, dust cover, 4mm valve, set of gaskets*

The price is for the renewal /exchange of the Air Spring.
Car service is not included in the price.
You can find prices of car service here.
The price does not include VAT.

*for air springs that are placed on shock absorbers


SKU A8D3-R00-B
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Left manufacturer part number:
4E0616001G, 4E0616001E, 4E0616001N

Right manufacturer part number:
4E0616002G, 4E0616002E, 4E0616002N

4E0616007D, 4E0616007B, 4E0616005F, 4E0616005D, 4E0616005H, 4E0616007 (w/Petrol Engine), 4E0616007E, 4E0616007C, 4E0616007A, 4E0616005E, 4E0616005G (w/Diesel Engine)



1 year, 2 years, 3 years


Left, Right

Is car service needed?

No, Yes

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