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Repair and replacement of air suspension elements on Audi A6

Air suspension rack. Sometimes, it is required to make a complete replacement of the front air suspension (right and left ) for the correct function of the air suspension. In some cases, you can replace some of the components – a protective glass and anther. Our experts will provide you with repair services of the left and right air suspensions of Audi A6 Allroad (4G, C7) and the replacement of their components.

Air suspension baloon. If the repair of air suspension balloons is not possible, the manufacturer recommends to replace all air suspension balloons at once or at least in pairs (right and left).

Air suspension compressor. Most often, there is no need in all-inclusive replacement of this component in the air suspension system. It is enough to replace individual elements: a piston ring, dehydrator unit, relief valve, pipes, cylinder and sealing gaskets. If there’s failure of the electric motor, the air suspension compressor will have to be replaced completely.

According to technological regulations, diagnostics are held in two stages:

  • electronical diagnostics using a computer (the sensors and control units are checked at this stage);
  • instrumental diagnostics (inspection of all parts and checking them for wearout and possible malfunctions).We recommend you to contact our service center if you found that:
    • when the engine is started, the back or front part of the Audi car starts to fall;
    • The clearance of the car is not constant (it does not behave as usual);
    • tightness is lost on the connecting elements of the air suspension;
    • when the engine is running, the air suspension starts to «lower» (leak the air);
    • there is knock from air suspension.

    It is recommended to hurry up with air suspension diagnostics. It is easier, faster and cheaper to fix the air suspension of Audi A6 Alroad at the stage of its occurrence and detection.

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