Air suspension Mercedes ML W164

On today’s urban roads, air suspension is one of the possibilities to improve not only the driving performance of a car, but also to improve its functionality. At the same time the comfort, passability and controllability of the vehicle improves. One of the biggest advantages that leads to the purchase of Mercedes air suspension cars is the rapid change of ground clearance in a wide range right from the car inside.

Due to the presence of air suspension, you can always both lower and maximize the car above the level of the road. These processes do not harm the manageability, versatility and reliability of the car. The second advantage of installing air suspension is a significant increase in load capacity. On top of that, without a risk for the driver and passengers, a slight overload is possible, which is very important for the Mercedes ML W164.

Mercedes ML W164 air suspension is capable of solving many problems – from improving the quality of driving a car in various conditions to expanding the possibilities of movement in the cold season.

Air suspension Mercedes ML W164 is an indispensable solution for your car in modern road and climatic conditions.

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